4L Jug of Camelina Oil
4L Jug of Camelina Oil

4L Jug of Camelina Oil

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Omega-3 supplementation in a horse's diet has been shown to:

  • improve the quality of their skin and hair coat
  • decrease joint pain in horses that suffer from arthritis
  • improve bone structure
  • help prevent ulcers
  • aid allergic hyperactivity
  • have anti-inflammatory effects

Grown & Pressed in Canada

Ingredients: expeller pressed camelina sativa seeds

Dosage: 30ml given twice daily during or after meal times, or 60ml at one meal. 1tsp:25lbs per day for canines.

NOTE: Pump sold separately, purchase here.

*One 4L jug will last one horse approximately 67 days, based on the recommended dosage